The PORTSWAP project is a project created by people who have gained experience on many cryptocurrencies and wallets for 7 years.PORTSWAP, as a result of the developments and setbacks in the cryptocurrency world, he chose to turn his direction to the TRON network, unlike many projects.Let’s explain in more detail what we mean :

  • As you know, you know many projects that make real ICO sales through Telegram and many fake sites.Between 50% and 60% of these projects had excellent liquidity ratios after entering exchanges or pools.But that didn’t mean that none of them were set up or run for the purpose of deceiving people.After the ICO sales he made, they sent the token amounts they would sell to the fund holders according to the amount of funds he collected, but it didn’t end with that.
    -Project owners or teams fell silent after many of them added some or most of the funds they raised to the pools.And why do you think they kept quiet?We need to think a little.
    -What do you think about it ?Will you wait?Or are you waiting to try to new projects?
  • There’s nothing in the world of cryptocurrencies that can’t happen.Of course, to find out, you have to miss great opportunities.What do you think he meant by missing an opportunity?What do you think he meant by missing a chance?Decks of dollars ? Or dreams?
  • Bride-deeper down let’s go.You can’t be unaware that a pizza was bought years ago for thousands of bitcoins.Or believe them when they say digital coins will disappear today ?U must ever don’t believe it.Because many countries in the world did not approach cryptocurrencies 3 years ago, but today some countries even have BTC ATMs.Let’s forget about ATMs, but how can you ignore that many countries have their own cryptocurrency exchanges?Can you say that?We think you can understand future’s projects.
  • So what do you call a fake cryptocurrency site?A charitable foundation where you can donate your dollars?Oh, no.
  • A website should not be needed to believe in any project.You can follow them through cryptocurrency networks,their social media accounts, telegram channels.It is necessary to analyze the activity,shares and promises of the project team.
  • What about false promises?Did you believe this, too?If you’ve read this sentence, you can believe it.Or not.You didn’t hand over your money to fake projects.If you could do that, congratulations.

“And what should we do about dreams in which you are caught in the ETH network and then hope it won’t come true?No one can return your lost money.But the PORTSWAP Team is not bothered by not making extravagant promises to anyone.On the contrary, that’s why he believes so much in his team and the road map.Because it’s aware that it’s too soon for him to be able to enter the stock markets like Binance&Huobi.PORTSWAP’s goals are clear and clear.Its primary purpose is not to undermine the trust of any of its investors or supporters.How do you think PORTSWAP’s gonna do that?”


By bringing what everyone knows before everyone’s eyes.So how could it?How?Continue reading.

  1. By sharing a breakdown of the amount of funds he has collected(fund owner,wallet address of the fund owner,date,the amount of tokens he deserves) with certain periods.(If it sounds a little ridiculous, you can visit the telegram channels and look.)
  2. PORTSWAP AIRDROP ROUND-1, which ends on March 6, 2021, will share the cast of all eligible members.
  3. At the end of 2021, the PORTSWAP project will share a breakdown of the transaction volume on POLONI DEX& other exchanges and all wallet addresses belonging to the PORTSWAP project.
  4. Unlike other projects that collect and escape dreams for the ICO, it will not censor the ideas and wishes of its shareholders by conducting active voting and surveys for its own shareholders.
  5. It will not build a big-prize airdrops if its shareholders want it to.The amount of prize to be awarded will be determined by the investers of PORTSWAP(PSP).

“PORTSWAP’s goal for March 2021 is to be able to enter the POLONI DEX exchange and have an active tradings .The PORTSWAP project is working to be listed on POLONI EX&Binance&Huobi&Latoken&Bithumb or another promising stock exchange for 2021.It works to have its own innovative website.Choosing a transparent project for a transparent future, that is, being able to choose PORTSWAP…”









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